Your MyPass card is your lift pass to ski and snowboard at Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt ski fields plus you can add MyPass money to your MyPass card making it your on-mountain debit card. Your personal MyPass account provides you with ability to add MyPass money, view your daily skiing and snowboarding statistics and other account details.


First time at Coronet Peak, The Remarkables or Mt Hutt?

If you have bought online or are waiting until you arrive to get all of your ski products you will need to pick up your MyPass card from one of our Guest Service desks or self service Kiosks on the mountain or at one of our Snow Centres in central Queenstown or Methven.

You can choose to hold onto your MyPass card for life, making it easy for you to ski at any of our three ski areas or if you are only skiing once with us and wish to return your card we can refund the card fee to you at any Guest Service desk.


Skied with us before?

If you have skied with us before and still have your MyPass card, have purchased your lift pass, ski hire or anything else online you can go direct to the lifts and get your day underway. You must create your MyPass account with your MyPass card webcode and enter your username and password, to ensure your products are assigned to your MyPass card.

If you have skied with us before but don't have your MyPass card anymore please visit any Guest Service desk so we can re-issue you with a new MyPass card.


MyPass money:

Your MyPass card can become your on-mountain debit card by purchasing 'MyPass Money' with your credit card either online or in-person.


MyPass Account:

Once you have your MyPass card with your unique webcode printed on it, go online, click on 'MyPass sign-in' and create your personal MyPass account.

Your MyPass account gives you access to your 'Profile' and 'My Stats'.

Choose 'My Account' and then "Customer Info" you go to your account dashboard that shows your personal details and weather you have opt in to receive our newsletters. You can view your current products that you have purchased shown under 'Products', your linked family and friends shown under 'Associates' and your MyPass money details shown under 'MyPass Money'.

'My Stats' shows your daily skiing and snowboarding statistics which include your runs per day, vertical meters skied and which ski area you have clocked up your runs,  plus a yearly graph of your skiing or snowboarding stats.

To compete and compare your stats against your family and friends you need to add them as associated under the "Associates" tab and also select to "Share my statistic" at the bottom of the "Customer Info" tab. See if you can get more vertical metres than your friends.

A MyPass card can become your on-mountain debit card by purchasing 'MyPass Money' with your credit card either online or in-person.


Adding MyPass money:

Already have a MyPass account? You can add ‘MyPass Money’ to your card in two ways:

Go online, sign-in to MyPass, choose 'MyPass Money' and the 'Top Up' link on your account and with your credit card, add New Zealand dollars onto your MyPass card.

Visit any of our Guest Service desks at our on our mountains or at our Snow Centred at Methven iSite or in central Queenstown with your credit card and we can add money for you.


Activating MyPass money:

Your 'MyPass Money' is activated and secured by going to one of our Guest Service desks and loading your own secure PIN number to your MyPass card. The PIN secures your MyPass card, similar to your normal debit/eftpost card, and enables you to then use your card whenever you want to purchase anything at our mountains.


Using MyPass money:

Just present your MyPass card whenever you go to make a purchase at any of our ski areas, and mention that you would like to use 'MyPass Money', enter your PIN and complete your purchase. Simple!


Top-up MyPass money:

If you already have 'MyPass Money' activated and simply want to top-up your 'MyPass Money' balance, you can do that right here.