Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt ski fields are spectacular places to work – and play!

ski jobs at queenstown and Mt Hutt

NZSki, the company that owns and operates Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, employs about 1200 seasonal staff every year that, along with our core full-time staff, undertakes a wide variety of fulfilling and adventurous ski jobs.

Find out how to get a ski job in one of the most beautiful areas of the world - the Southern Alps, located in the South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is a spectacular place to work and play and many of our seasonal employees get so addicted to having a ski job that they spend years chasing winters as far and wide as Siberia, Antarctica and the North Pole!


Apply now  for positions available for staff based in Queenstown or Methven.



NZSki employs people with a diverse range of skills and experience, from ski area veterans right through to those looking for their very first job on the slopes.

If you do not have relevant experience you may want to consider roles such as:

  • Rental Assistant
  • Roads Crew
  • Lift Operator
  • Custodian/Cleaner
  • Food & Beverage Attendant
  • Guest Services & Ticketing Assistant

The following roles require relevant qualifications and/or experience:

  • Management positions
  • Ski/Snowboard Instructors
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Race Coaches and Crew
  • Accounts positions
  • Groomer Operators
  • Snowmakers
  • Maintenance positions
  • Ski Patrol and Medical Staff
  • Rentals Ski & Snowboard Techs
  • Bus Drivers
  • Senior Roads Crew


A list of all the important dates for the 2018 Winter Season crew at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables can be found below.

Most of our Team Leaders and Heads of Department don't work with us over the summer, so it can be anywhere from April to May before you will hear from us. If your application is successfully shortlisted to interview stage and your job involves a lot of guest contact, then we really want to meet you! We will be in touch with you to confirm, but to help you plan your trip these interviews will take place around mid-late May.

PLEASE NOTE: A one-week induction will follow the start date/crew sign-up. The induction includes company, department and health and safety training in preparation for opening day.

We want our high performing crew to return year after year so we offer them priority application – once you start working for us, there is no need to go through the whole recruitment process again next year!

Where When

Coronet Peak crew start date

11 June

Coronet Peak opening day

16 June

Mt Hutt crew start date

1 June

Mt Hutt opening day

8 June

The Remarkables crew start date

31 May

The Remarkables opening day

9 June

frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about getting a ski job and working at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables.


When do I need to be available for work?

For most of our roles it is best if you can work the full season - from early June to mid October. However, there are some roles that are available for only part of the season or during our peak periods, so if you are not available for the entire season, you should still apply - just let us know your availability in your application.

I'm happy to do any kind of ski job, what should I apply for?

Take a good long look at the website information, positions available and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to work inside or outside?
  • Am I willing to work night shifts or alternative hours?
  • Do I have any previous experience in an area we are recruiting for?
  • I have never worked in the ski industry, what experience can I contribute from other industries?
  • Which job sparks my interest?
  • Can I ski or snowboard? Some positions will require a specific level of skill/experience and others will require none. These requirements are clearly listed in the position descriptions.

Why can't I see the ski job I wish to apply for?

We don't always have vacancies in every department. If a full team decides to return, then we have no need to advertise.

How long is the winter ski season in New Zealand?

Our season typically runs from June to October, weather and conditions permitting. We know that the weather is unpredictable. We have opened late and closed early in past years due to snow conditions affected by the weather.

What happens when the mountain is closed during the season?

If we close for a day, are late opening or need to close early during the ski season, you will not be required to work and will not receive your normal wage. Instead, you will be paid a minimum retainer, provided you attend a scheduled activity. To help you budget, our Queenstown mountains (Coronet Peak and The Remarkables) typically experience very few closed days per season while Mt Hutt, being at a higher elevation, does experience closed days more often. If the ski season starts later or closes earlier than expected, a retainer is not paid as the season start and finish dates are subject to weather and conditions.

Should I buy a season pass at the early-bird rate?

Yes. If you get a job with us we will refund the full price of your pass if you haven't used it. If you have used it then we partially refund the cost. The best idea is to talk to your manager before you use it to check the status of your pass.

Can I get a second job elsewhere while I am working for NZSki?

Yes. Just make sure you talk to your manager beforehand to ensure that it will fit around your job with NZSki. It's always better to clarify in advance.

I am traveling with my friend/partner, will we both get a job at NZSki?

We assess each applicant separately for his or her suitability for jobs. However in your application we do ask if you are traveling with anyone else so we can try and match you both up.

What if I get injured on the mountain and can no longer work?

In New Zealand there is the Accident Compensation Corporation, commonly referred to as ACC. They assist anyone who has an accident or injury in NZ. The amount of assistance varies and can be from medical bills to loss of earnings. In the first four weeks of your employment you will generally NOT get help with loss of earnings. We will try and get you back to work as soon as possible by offering you alternative light duties, but this is entirely dependent on your injury. Our advice is to take it easy and be mindful of your own safety while you are skiing and snowboarding.

How many vacancies do you have available?

Every year we invite the majority of the previous year’s crew to return. Then we assess what jobs will be available for the coming ski season. Across our three ski resorts (Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables) we have about 1200 crew each winter with a 50% return rate each year. That leaves around 600 jobs to fill each winter with new employees.

I really want to work for you! Can I increase my chances by submitting more than one application?

No, you should only submit one application. If we have a job available that we think will suit you better than the one(s) you have applied for, we will put your forward to that manager. By putting in more than one application you slow down the whole review process for everyone. If you do apply more than once it will work against you rather than for you, as it suggests you can't follow instructions, which is very important in our industry.

Do you have many different nationalities in the crew?

Yes. Our industry attracts people from all over the world, which makes for a really diverse and exciting international crew. Each season people from more than 35 different countries are employed by NZSki, bringing a wealth of experience to our ski areas.

How much work will there be during the season?

Just like all other ski resorts the start and end of the season seems to be quieter so you can expect there will be fewer hours to work then. Our peak season usually runs from the end of June to mid September so there will generally be plenty of hours at this time. We advise everyone to take the hours when they are available and save up to help get you through the quieter periods.

Can I take holidays during the season?

Generally, no. In New Zealand you only become entitled to take a holiday once you have worked for the company for one year. However, if we can give you time off, we will, as we want you to have a great experience too. Please don't ask for time off during our peak period (July and August), as we won't be able to give it to you.

Can I make changes to my application once I've submitted it?

After submitting your application, you can change things like your personal and contact details. However, you can't change the location, ski area, department or job, so do the research, make your choice and fill in the application form very carefully. We receive a few thousand online applications each year in a very short timeframe so we don't have the time to change these details. If we need to it will cause a delay in your application being reviewed. Our advice is to check, check, check before you submit!

Do you conduct telephone or Skype interviews?

If your application is shortlisted and you reach the interview stage, then we really want to meet you in person. If you have applied for a role that has a lot of guest interaction then meeting us in person gives you the best chance to show us how you can make our guests happy. Please note that for some ski jobs a face-to-face interview is compulsory. To help you plan your time, our face-to-face interviews take place in Queenstown from mid May onwards. If you can't attend an interview, we may be able to offer you an interview via Skype or similar platform depending on the role. As a general rule, you will need to have previous experience in the role you are applying for this to be offered. Mt Hutt conduct their interviews by Skype.

What are my chances of getting a job?

Our winters are legendary. The ski areas are highly sought after winter playgrounds and we receive many more applications than we have vacancies. Our decisions are based on merit – the right attitude, skills and experience are essential. It is not first come, first served. All applications received by the closing date will be considered. Just make sure yours stands out.

Can I email my CV directly to you?

No, please do not email your application directly. We get thousands of applications in a very short amount of time and find our online system is the only way we can successfully manage them. Find out more and apply for all positions on the NZSki job application website.

I'm an Australian citizen/resident; do I need a work visa to get a job in New Zealand?

Australian citizens and residents are legally entitled to work in New Zealand. You do not need a work visa/permit but you will need to show a valid Australian passport on arrival.

How do I get a work visa? Can NZSki help me?

You will dramatically increase your chances of getting a job with us if you can organise and provide your own work visa, although we can help in some cases. New Zealand Immigration has very strict rules in place regarding visa sponsorship to which we must adhere. In previous years we have been able to sponsor only about eight per cent of our crew. We are only able to sponsor applicants with a job offer that have snow sports industry qualifications or experience. The roles that may be considered for sponsorship are our more highly skilled roles and you will need the appropriate qualifications and experience to be eligible. To be considered for sponsorship as a Ski or Snowboard Instructor you will need to have a minimum of NZSIA/SBINZ/PSIA Level 2 or equivalent with three seasons teaching experience as a snow sports instructors. In all cases, whether it is a working holiday or sponsorship visa, you must supply evidence of your work visa before you can commence employment. It is best if you can upload this into your online application as soon as you get it. If you are delayed in starting due to your visa, we may have to cancel your offer of employment. For information about the various types of work visas that may be available to you depending on your personal circumstances, please visit immigration.govt.nz.

Is there staff transport to and from the mountain?

Yes, we provide free transport for our staff on rostered working days to and from the mountain. In Queenstown, our staff buses service over 30 bus stops that are within easy walking distance from the majority of the residential areas in Queenstown, Frankton and Fernhill. Please see the map below for bus stop information that may help you plan your accommodation arrangements for your stay in Queenstown. We also provide free transport to and from the mountain on your days off on a space availability basis.

NZSki Staff Transport Map

Is staff accommodation available?

Unfortunately no, we do not provide staff accommodation in either Queenstown or Methven. We aim to facilitate putting you in touch with local families that have spare rooms where possible. For further information on accommodation and general information on both areas visit the sites listed below.





Do you provide staff meals?

We have staff meals at a heavily discounted rate available for you on the days you are working. They are hot, varied and healthy meals.

Do you provide staff uniforms?

Yes we provide staff uniforms. They are warm uniforms designed to suit the needs of the job. Most roles require you to supply your own footwear and if your job involves skiing or riding around the mountain or between work stations then you will need to supply your own skis or snowboard. Uniforms are loaned to you for the time you are employed with us and need to be returned in good condition. If you return them damaged or lose them, then you can expect to be charged for the cost of fixing/replacing them.

What kind of money can I earn?

Our entry-level jobs start from $16.50 per  hour. For jobs that require more qualification, skills and experience the rates will be higher. Our wages and benefits are comparative with other ski areas in New Zealand. Regardless, the decision to work for NZSki should not be for financial gain. What we can offer is a unique experience of working at one of New Zealand's ski resorts. In addition, employees can take away an impressive work reference along with the satisfaction of having completed a full seasonal work contract and hopefully leave with a few skiing and snowboarding tricks under their belt.

Where is it better to live and work - at Coronet Peak or The Remarkables near Queenstown or Mt Hutt near Methven?

It depends on what kind of experience you are looking for, as all three mountains differ. Get to know the mountains by checking out our website and Facebook pages.
Check out our social pages:
Coronet Peak
Mt Hutt
The Remarkables
Check us out on Youtube - NZSkiTV

You can also find details about the mountains on this website. Each location and mountain has its own benefits that could suit your lifestyle, skills and experience.

I loved my winter with NZSki - can I work for you in the summer?

In the summer NZSki employs only 45crew so opportunities for summer jobs are very limited. We are however part of Trojan Holdings, which has interests in a number of businesses in the South Island including The Hermitage Mt Cook Hotel and Ultimate Hikes. If you are keen to work for them in the summer, please let our HR team know and they can help you with applying.

I can’t find an answer to my question here – how can I ask for more info?

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, you may find the answer elsewhere on this website. There are a lot of details on our website, so please check carefully. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please email our Human Resources team.


why work for Nzski?

As well as getting to work in one of the world’s most stunning alpine locations, an NZSki job offers you many benefits.

Here are just some of them:

  • FREE Season Pass for four mountains - lift access to Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt, The Remarkables and Ohau ski areas for full-time employees.
  • FREE transport (when available) on your days off.
  • FREE qualifications, training and development through our NZSki-U professional development programme – you can work towards 25 different nationally recognised qualifications (qualifications up to Level 5 are FREE, and the Bachelor of Applied Management at degree level is partially funded).
  • FREE group skiing or snowboarding lessons.
  • A great reward and recognition programme.
  • An employee care programme, for those times when you are finding things a bit tough.
  • DISCOUNTED staff lunches, food and drinks, rentals and retail at our on mountain facilities, day passes at other ski areas around NZ, local business discounts in retail shops, cafes, gyms and activities in Queenstown, Methven and beyond.
  • The chance to work with great people – our international crew is motivated, professional, resourceful, enthusiastic, honest, adaptable, approachable and responsible.

our workplace

Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables are spectacular places to work and play but there are important things you need to know about working on a ski field.

  • Climate Some days the temperature can drop to minus 10 degrees and you still need to work outside (thankfully the sunny days usually exceed the bitterly cold).
  • Work hard to play hard It is everybody’s job to get the mountain open and running so sometimes the work will be hard. Shovelling snow, directing traffic; we all pitch in to get the job done, no matter what the job is.
  • Come prepared We would encourage you to have at least NZD $3000 available to you when you arrive. This will help set you up initially and help you survive until you start work. In our business the opening date can be delayed if there is no snow and no snow = no work
  • Closed days This is due to the weather and usually because it is too windy, making it dangerous for our crew and guests to be up the mountain. You need to budget for these as if we are closed then you won't earn your normal days wages. This is particularly relevant to Mt Hutt.
  • Hours The hours that you will work each week will vary and you may only be advised you are required at short notice. As the weather can change quickly in the mountains and people don't need to book to go skiing, it is difficult to know how busy we will be on any given day. One thing we do know is that June and the last month of the season are generally quieter, while the middle of the season is very busy!
  • Health and safety It is really important that we provide a safe environment for our crew and guests and we know it takes commitment from both the crew and the company to do this. We have high standards and recruit a team that share these standards. Our health and safety policy includes random drug and alcohol testing. If you are not comfortable with this, then we may not be the company for you.
  • Employee Care Programme Everyone benefits from some extra support from time to time. Working with the Salvation Army and All Saints, you can get advice and support about homesickness, grief and addictions as well as life coaching skills, relationship counselling, budgeting advice or just an independent ear to listen.
  • Smoke FreeThe Remarkables & Mt Hutt ski areas are leading the way with New Zealand's 2025 vision of a smoke-free country and our company goal of providing a healthy workplace for our crew. The Remarkables & Mt Hutt are smoke-free environments for both guests and crew alike. This means you cannot smoke anywhere from the ski area access road up to the top of the lifts. Coronet Peak will join the smoke-free initiative in the future. When you are employed by NZSki, you may not smoke in uniform at any time, whether on or off the clock, on or off the mountain.



rookie instructor APPRENTICESHIP programme 2018

Do you love it, live it and want to share it? 

The Rookie Ski Instructor Programme is a stepping ­stone to an NZSki apprenticeship during which you can undertake ski and/or snowboard instructor training of the highest quality. 
New Zealand or Australian skiers and snowboarders over the age of 17 who want to be instructors are eligible to apply. 

We are looking for individuals who love it, live it and want to share it. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to join one of the largest and most experienced Snowsports Schools in New Zealand. Interested?

The Selection Process: Candidates will attend a one day try-out; this is effectively a long job interview. At the end of the day, successful candidates will be notified and offered a position with NZSki in the Snowsports School as an Apprentice Instructor. Selection criteria is based on ensuring you have the necessary skills and attributes that any professional instructor must have. Included in the course costs is the “NZSIA Level One” exam. Successful Rookies are required to take the “Level One” exam shortly after the try-out day and a few in house training days prior to starting teaching. We are committed to providing the best training in order to make you successful in your exams and to offer you the opportunity to teach at peak times. For more information on the NZSKI Level One course please visist www.nzsia.net.

Selection Criteria: Skills and attributes that any professional instructor must have; you must also be at least 17 years of age.

2018 Applications Open: Apply Now. We will be in touch with you shortly with payment information. 

2018 Price: $949.

Important info:

  • Applications close Friday 1st June 2018, 5pm
  • To apply you must be at least 17 years of age
  • On snow try-out day is Saturday 9th June, 2018
  • The try-out day will be held at The Remarkables and you must meet at The Remarkables Snowsports desk
  • For the try-out day you need to be ready to ski and hit the snow by 10am sharp
  • You will need to purchase a lift pass if you don't already have a pass. (Lift pass available at 50% discount for the try­-out date only and must be pre­ purchased)
  • The programme includes the NZSIA membership fee which is refundable if not selected into the programme
  • The programme includes the NZSIA Level One exam fee which is refundable if not selected into the programme
  • NZSki will provide training, staff ID and a season pass to successful apprentice instructors.
  • Work is not guaranteed and fluctuates due to the nature of our business;  successful apprentice instructors need to have sufficient funds to support 
    themselves through the season.
  • When we are not able to provide work, we are committed to providing the best training in order to make you successful at your exams.
  • Although not mandatory we do expect successful apprentices to take the NZSIA Level Two exams at their own expense during the ski season.

For further information please contact the Coronet Peak Ski School: school@coronetpeak.co.nz


CREW Video

Check out our 2017 Queenstown crew video!