Mt Hutt is well equipped to cater to the needs of groups who want to play in the snow together. We also offer extra benefits to school​, university and corporate groups​.

school groups

With a renowned Ski School providing dedicated children's programs, this is the ideal place for school students to learn how to ski or snowboard. Spending time on the mountain develops great skills and can even enable students to gain the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the Beginner Skiing and Snowboarding NCEA unit standards.

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Mt Hutt is an excellent learning environment and playground for your next school outing.

Taking children out of the school environment can provide them with awe-inspiring experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. A school ski trip to Mt Hutt provides a unique opportunity to support learning in ways that are consistent with your school’s curriculum and charter.

At Mt Hutt, we recognise that education outside of the classroom plays an instrumental role in raising student achievement by challenging children to manage risk in unfamiliar situations. We are also very aware that careful planning and preparation is required to ensure your visit to our majestic alpine environment is a safe, positive experience for everyone.

We are here to help every step of the way! Our dedicated school groups team provide hands-on support for your school ski trip, from planning right through to your day on the snow and afterwards.

Why visit Mt Hutt?

  • Close proximity to Christchurch
  • One of the longest snow seasons in NZ complimented by extensive snowmaking 
  • A fantastic learner’s area that is exceptionally well equipped with the only enclosed beginners conveyor lift in NZ where you can watch yourself learning to ski or ride on elapsed-time TV screens!
  • Wide open terrain with plenty of runs for skiers and riders of all abilities
  • A spacious base area with space for your group to relax when not on the snow
  • A well managed and established teaching programme supported by inspiring instructors who offer serious fun in a safe learning environment.

Catering for groups from upwards of 10 people, we’re looking forward to you visiting Mt Hutt! 


What are the costs? You can find an up to date list of our pricing in this PDF: NZ Regional School Booking Details.

When can I make a booking? Our spots fill up fast and we operate on a first come first serve basis, we recommend getting in early to secure your preferred dates. 

How long does it take to travel to Mt Hutt? Please see our travel times for advice on how much time to allow your group to get to the mountain in time for your lessons. Mt Hutt travel times.

How can I check the weather before my trip? As we are situated in an alpine environment our weather can change very rapidly. Call us on 03 308 5074. You can check our Snow Report which is updated daily at 6.30am. This is the most up to date source that provides information on mountain status and the forecast for the day. Metservice also provide a detailed forecast specific to Mt Hutt.

What about accompanying adults? We offer a 1:10 adult to student FOC ratio and a 1:10 adult to student, adult at student rate for every booking. Every adult after our ratios receives a 10% discount across our products (excluding private lessons, Performance Equipment Hire and Skiwiland).

What information will you require about my group before we arrive? We will ask you to compile a key information sheet and send us a for all of your students. This enables us to preload all of your passes prior to your arrival. Key Information Sheet.

What should we wear on the day? Make sure you wrap up warm! Plenty of layers mean you’ll keep warm when it’s cold and are able to cool down when it’s hot. Make sure you bring eye protection, sun screen (yes, even in mid winter!), hat, gloves and one pair of thick socks will do. Too many pairs of socks and your ski or snowboard boots can be come very uncomfortable!

Do you have a Risk Assessment Management Form? Yes, please download our form here. Mt Hutt Risk Assessment Management Form.

Can we visit you before our trip? Each year we invite all school coordinators that wish to join us, for an informative tour of what to expect with your school group for the coming season. If you’d like to join us, let us know by contacting us on If you can’t make that date and have never visited us before, let us know and we will happily show you around our ski area on another day!

NCEA Credits For a learning experience the kids won’t forget, time on the snow can count towards national curriculum qualifications. Students are encouraged to maximise their time with us by working towards NCEA credits in skiing and snowboarding. Read more details here.

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Mt Hutt offers a special package to Australian and International primary and secondary schools. Find all the details and pricing. Students must be 18 years and under - simply book now and pay in advance direct with Mt Hutt Group Bookings. This package is not available to university students or schools booking through an agent or third party intermediary. Contact us directly for more details: or call us on: +64 3 307 6315.

BOOKINGS Our Group Bookings team is here to ensure a smooth and simple process for every group. Please read through our Group Booking Planner for all the details and pricing. 
Contact us directly for more details: or call us on: +64 3 307 6315.


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Mt Hutt is an excellent learning environment and play ground for any group. Great discounts are available for university students and corporate groups.​


If you’re aged 18+ years and enrolled full time with a tertiary institution or secondary school in New Zealand or Australia, you’re eligible for a Student Lift Pass. This is the best option for university groups as it represents a greater saving than our group discount on lift passes. The group discount does not apply to Student Lift passes. Student ID (with photo and valid expiry date) and proof of full time status required at the time of pass collection. ISIC and BCITO cards not accepted.

To meet our student criteria you must be enrolled in full-time, full-year study at a New Zealand or Australian tertiary institution. To be considered full-time you must attend such institution for a minimum of 32 weeks in a calendar year (EFTS course value of 0.8 or more). Paid training courses and apprenticeships do not qualify for student status. Evidence of full-time enrolment is required at the time of pass collection by presenting your valid student ID card (including photo and expiry date) AND proof of full-time status that meets our satisfaction. ISIC and BCITO cards are not accepted.

Contact us directly for more details:
P: +64 3 307 6315


Our group discount applies to corporate groups.

NZSki offers a 10% group discount off selected products for 15 or more individuals traveling together visiting the Mt Hutt ski area. The discount is provided on the basis that the group is pre-booked and pre-paid before arrival with our Group Booking Coordinator.

The discount applies to:

  • Lift passes (excluding Student Lift Pass and First Tracks Pass)
  • Equipment, clothing and helmet rental
  • Group lessons
  • Kea Club (kids group ski or snowboard lessons)
  • Combo Packs (Starter, Novice and Progression Packs).

Contact us directly for more details:
P: +64 3 307 6315



NZSki offers a 10% group discount off selected products for 15 or more individuals traveling together visiting the Mt Hutt ski area.

The discount is provided on the basis that the group is pre‐booked and pre‐paid before arrival with our Groups Coordinator.

The discount applies to:

  •  Lift passes (excluding Student Lift Pass and First Tracks Pass)

  •  Equipment, clothing and helmet rental

  •  Group lessons

  •  Kea Club (kids group ski or snowboard lessons)

  •  Combo Packs (Starter, Novice and Progression Packs). 

Contact us directly for more details:
P: +64 3 307 6315