Coronet Peak

*SNOW REPORT - Thu 20 Apr, 09:59 AM

Coronet Peak

Closed for season

0cm (min) - 0cm (max)

2cm on 14 February 2017

We are busy getting ready for the 2017 winter season. Our opening date is scheduled for Saturday 17th June. We look forward to seeing you up here soon!


Our road is open. Please drive courteously and observe the posted speed limits at all times while enjoying the magnificent view of Queenstown.

All Lifts

Coronet Express - Closed

Greengates Express - Closed

Meadows Express - Closed

Rocky Gully T-Bar - Closed

Magic Carpet Conveyor Lift - Closed

Kaser Ski Conveyor Lift - Closed

Learners Carpet Conveyor Lift - Closed

Sunkid Carpet Conveyor Lift - Closed


First Tracks - Closed

Skiwiland Early Learning Centre - Closed

SnowShop - Closed

Night Skiing (Fri & Sat) - Closed

Snowtubing - Closed


Coronet Cafe - Closed

Heidi's Hut - Closed

Substation - Closed

Coronet Restaurant - Closed

Ice Bar - Closed

Terrain & Parks

Kids Fun Zone - Closed

Terrain Park - Closed

BackCountry Status

Back Bowls : Closed

BackCountry Report

The Back Bowls are steep Expert Terrain. As such they have an increase in hazard, including avalanche. The Back Bowls may be closed due to Avalanche Hazard Mitigation or inclement weather as these conditions heighten risk in this terrain. Back Bowls are closed at night and assessed for opening daily…


Sarah Sue is the only trail open for ski touring at Coronet Peak. A message to those hardy souls who hit the snow before dawn and skin up Sarah Sue, the designated uphill route at Coronet; If you are coming up for an early morning fix there are a number of potentially fatal hazards that you must be aware of. Please read our Ski Touring Guidelines about how to make your day at Coronet Peak  safe and fun. 


If you decide to go skiing or snowboarding in the back country you need to carry the right safety equipment. Avalanches happen, so it’s important to choose your terrain wisely. Coronet Peak Back Bowls access is managed carefully by Coronet Peak Patrol.  When the Back Bowls sign indicates the terrain is "open" you may proceed with caution and ski the first two chutes known as Backbowls 1A and 1B. Beyond the first two chutes you will see a Ski Area Boundary Sign which indicates the limits of Coronet Peak Recreation Reserve.  No one may ski beyond this point without the express permission of Soho Properties Limited, owners of Coronet Peak Station. This terrain is highly hazardous, prone to avalanches with cliffs and ice. It is not patrolled by Coronet Peak Ski Patrol.  

It is good practice to provide a contact person with details of your back country trip. You can also pop into our Ski Patrol office at any time during opening hours to check on local conditions. Please be aware that our Ski Patrol do not patrol outside the Ski Area Boundary and only venture here in the case of a known emergency. You need to be well prepared and self-sufficient.

Please visit the Mountain Safety website for details on what is required to ensure a safe back country adventure.

*Important - Conditions are accurate at date and time of issue but are always subject to change