Mt Hutt

*SNOW REPORT - Sun 15 Oct, 06:07 PM

Mt Hutt

Closed for season

205cm (min) - 335cm (max)


2cm on 15 October 2017

What a way to finish the 2017 season! We had some fresh snow, heaps of sunshine, the bikini run,face painting and live music courtesy of the Little Big Men. It has been an amazing final day and we hope you have all enjoyed the season as much as us. Wishing you a fab summer and we look forward to welcoming you back for the 2018 Winter.

Please refer to Canterbury High Country forecast at

Gate locked at Zed Creek (9km marker) until Tuesday.

Mt Hutt is a smokefree ski area - if you need to smoke, please do so in the confines of your own vehicle. Many thanks for your understanding.

All Lifts

Summit Six Chair - Closed

Exhibition Quad Chair - Closed

Towers Triple Chair - Closed

Magic Carpet Conveyor - Closed

Sunkid Conveyor - Closed


First Tracks (Sat/Sun only) - Closed

Skiwiland - Closed

Rentals, Repairs & Storage - Closed

Snoshop - Closed

Snowsports School - Closed

Snow Centre - Methven - Closed


Sky High Cafe - Closed

Sixteen 10 Coffee Bar - Closed

Huber's Hut - Closed

Corona Ice Bar - Closed

Terrain & Parks

X-Course - Closed

Jib Garden - Closed

Gunner's Alley - Closed

Sky High - Closed

Lower Triple - Closed

Top of Towers - Closed

Mid Towers - Closed

Virgin Mile - Closed

Bluffs - Closed

South Face - Closed

*Important - Conditions are accurate at date and time of issue but are always subject to change